Each link goes to a resource about water saving and rebate programs from local water utilities, water use restrictions in your area, and other useful information to help us navigate our way through the drought.

Marin Municipal Water District, MMWD

North Marin Water District

Sonoma Water

Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership:
Sonoma Marin Saving Water Partnership

City of Santa Rosa – Water

For residents of Santa Rosa… your water department is offering lots of rebates to help you save water:
Rebates & Free Services | Santa Rosa, CA

AquaTech Pool Systems Website includes links to pool covers, now mandated in Marin County.
Drought In in San Rafael CA | California 94901 94903 94912 94913 94915

National Integrated Drought Information System
Searchable by zip code to see more about where you live

U.S. Drought Monitor; Focus on California

Maven’s Notebook: an invaluable resource for daily news about the drought:

Learn your water footprint, including for the food you eat:
What’s Your Water Footprint: Water Footprint Calculator Home Page