We will not know
the worth of water
until the well is dry.


Each site contains information about water saving programs, what you can do to save water, and other useful information to help us navigate our way through the drought effectively.

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A few of my techniques for saving water at home

Per my 2020 MMWD water bill, this time last year my average water usage was 251 gallons a day. Based on the information from my Flume device, for the same period this year, it’s down to 145 gallons per day. That’s a saving of 106 gallons per day. There are two adults in this household and a garden, which I cherish.

A friend asked me how I did it, so here’s my list;
Inside the house:

  • We don’t flush for everything. Average savings 12 - 15 gallons per day.
  • Neither of us showers every day and we take only 2 minute showers.
  • We capture the cold water from the shower in a bucket and I use this water either in the washing machine or to supplement the reduced garden irrigation. Saves 2.5 gallons for each shower.
  • I don’t do laundry as often. Each load uses 40 gallons, so stretching the time in between them saves more than 160 gallons per month.
  • Of course, we don’t run the water while brushing teeth, washing hands or face, and for men, while shaving. For women, don’t shave your legs in the shower.
  • Dishes get rinsed of the big stuff in a bowl of soapy water before going into the dishwasher. That way things can sit there until the machine is full.
  • The machine runs on the economy cycle, usually every other day. Each load uses only 1.5 gallons.
  • I’ve stopped using the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. This stuff goes into the garbage. If you’re a gardener, you probably are already composting the green stuff or putting it into the garden recycling can. And instead of running water to clean the sink of small debris, I use a paper towel and toss it. Saves several gallons for each kitchen clean up.
  • Pasta can be cooked in a smaller pot of water. Who says you need to use a 2 gallon pot for it come out perfectly?
  • I’m no longer washing my car myself; I’m “driving it dirty” to make a statement.

The garden:

  • Reduced garden irrigation by 25 - 30% and it runs only 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the station (there are 5).
  • I’m using time release fertilizer in the garden instead of the kind that needs to be sprayed through the garden hose. It sinks into the roots with the water from the irrigation. So far, so good.

These are my water saving tips. What are some of yours? Let me know what they are and I’ll share them next time. Together we can do this!

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For Gardeners

For gardeners; Master Gardeners presentation on how to effectively water your garden during a drought

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Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership:
Sonoma Marin Saving Water Partnership

City of Santa Rosa - Water

For residents of Santa Rosa… your water department is offering lots of rebates to help you save water:
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AquaTech Pool Systems Website includes links to pool covers, now mandated in Marin County.
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National Integrated Drought Information System
Searchable by zip code to see more about where you live

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Maven’s Notebook: an invaluable resource for daily news about the drought:

Learn your water footprint, including for the food you eat:
What's Your Water Footprint: Water Footprint Calculator Home Page

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For Gardeners

For gardeners; Master Gardeners presentation on how to effectively water your garden during a drought

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